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Your scenario is modelled internally as a graph data structure, consisting of hundreds of nodes and edges. While the graph configuration itself is fixed, each of the nodes can be inspected individually.

The Node object

Endpoints which provide data about a node will return the following information:

  • key - the unique key for the node.
  • sector - in which sector the node is found, for example "industry", "households", or "energy".
  • use - indicates if the node is energetic or non-energetic.
  • presentation_group - an internal attribute used by the ETM to decide what information to show about a node.
  • data - a map of all the useful attributes for a node, their units, and descriptions.

A full listing of nodes from the energy graph can be found in our Github repository. Note that different nodes will have different types of data depending on what makes sense; for example a node which outputs electricity will have an electricity_output_conversion, while a gas node will not.

Get data for a node

GET /api/v3/scenarios/{scenario_id}/nodes/{node_key}
Path parameters
  • scenario_id number
    the scenario ID
  • node_key string
    the node key whose data you want to retrieve

An authentication token is optional for this endpoint, but required to access private data.

  • scenarios:read

    Read your public and private scenarios

Example request
GET /api/v3/scenarios/12345/nodes/industry_chp_combined_cycle_gas_power_fuelmix HTTP/2
Accept: application/json
Example response
"key": "industry_chp_combined_cycle_gas_power_fuelmix",
"sector": "industry",
"use": "energetic",
"presentation_group": "chps",
"data": {
"technical": {
"total_installed_electricity_capacity": {
"present": 5443.360123449158,
"future": 5443.360123449158,
"unit": "MW",
"desc": "Installed electrical capacity"
"electricity_output_conversion": {
"present": "46.0",
"future": "46.0",
"unit": "%",
"desc": "Electrical efficiency"
"heat_output_conversion": {
"present": "42.0",
"future": "42.0",
"unit": "%",
"desc": "Heat efficiency"
"full_load_hours": {
"present": 3077.36039626988,
"future": 7884.000000000617,
"unit": "hour / year",
"desc": "Full load hours"
"cost": {
"total_investment_over_lifetime_per_mw_electricity": {
"present": "958583",
"future": "958583",
"unit": "EUR / MW",
"desc": "Investment over lifetime per MW"
"fixed_operation_and_maintenance_costs_per_mw_electricity": {
"present": "9129",
"future": "9129",
"unit": "EUR / MW / year",
"desc": "Fixed operation and maintenance costs"
"variable_operation_and_maintenance_costs_per_full_load_hour": {
"present": "328",
"future": "328",
"unit": "EUR / full load hour",
"desc": "Variable operation and maintenance costs"
"wacc": {
"present": "4.0",
"future": "4.0",
"unit": "%",
"desc": "Weighted average cost of capital"
"takes_part_in_ets": {
"present": "true",
"future": "true",
"unit": "boolean",
"desc": "Do emissions have to be paid through the ETS?"
"other": {
"technical_lifetime": {
"present": 30.0,
"future": 30.0,
"unit": "years",
"desc": "Technical lifetime"
"uses_coal_and_wood_pellets": false