Business case

The balance and overview of revenues and expenses for a selected stakeholder in the energy chain for a certain period in time.


The connection between two nodes. In the context of an electricity network, edges would represent the cables.

Energy chain

The various stakeholders needed to cover the steps from generation to consumption of energy. An energy chain typically includes entities that are concerned with generation, transmission, distribution, sale en consumption of energy.

ETM Stakeholder analysis

Calculation suite being developped by Alliander and Quintel Intelligence for detailed calculations in local energy situations ('testing grounds'). Formerly known as ETMoses.

Local scenario

The combination of a scaled scenario, and a topology.

Market Model

The rules for interaction between the stakeholders that form an energy chain.


The Merit module is a calculation module developed by Quintel Intelligence which can run in stand-alone mode or coupled to the ETM. It can be used for time-resolved calculations to match supply and demand and flexibility options like battery storage. At the heart of this calculation lies the ordering of dispatchable power plants according to their marginal cost, the merit order.

National Scenario

An ETM scenario which is used as a reference for the local scenario and represents the 'normal situation'.


A component of the network structure. Nodes are the 'connection points' of the network and may represent a transformer or a distribution hub. Nodes are connected by edges.

Scaled scenario

When a normal ETM scenario is scaled to the size of the local energy situation or testing ground

Technology matrix

When a 'scaled scenario' is imported in Ivy

Testing ground

The local energy situation. This situation, per definition, departs from the national average and includes new technologies and solutions not currently present in the national situation.


The structure and specifications of the electrcitiy network of the local scenario. Strictly speaking, a topology only describes the connectedness of nodes and edges but we also include technical properties of the network components in our definition.