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Regional overview

How does it work?

When you have multiple scenarios of different adjoining areas (e.g. municipalities, or EU countries) that form a region together, this part of the scenario-tools allows you to create an overview of them. An overview consists of a CSV containing the different areas as columns and detailed information on for example final demand and the supply mix as rows. There is also one column where the results of each area are combined into a regional value.

The overview will appear in the output folder as a CSV.

Setting up the input CSV files

Creating the regional overview only requires the regional_overview csv file to be filled in.


In this CSV the scenario IDs and area names of the scenarios that should be part of the overview are listed. This is the only information needed.

Running the tool

You can run the regional overview with the following commands.

With pipenv:

pipenv run regional_overview

With basic Python:

python scripts/