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Identifying yourself

There are two types of scenarios in the ETM: public and private ones. The scenario-tools allow you to communicate with both. However, in order to communicate with private scenarios you must identify yourself.

Identification to the API happens through a special token linked to your ETM account. You can generate one via the online interface of the ETM, a detailed description on how to get your token can be found here.

Once you have your token ready open the config folder of the scenario-tools. Here you will find a file named settings.yml. This file contains all settings for the tool, like input folders and csv settings. You can read more about this file here. To include your personal secret settings, create a new file next to it called local.settings.yml. This file will allow you to overwrite any of the settings from the settings.yml file with your personal ones.

In the local.settings.yml file you can add a setting with your personal identification token:

personal_etm_token: <YOUR_TOKEN>

Now when you run the tools, the token will be automatically used to communicate with the ETM on your behalf.

Different tokens for beta and live

Your token to communicate to the beta version of the ETM is different from the one to communicate to the live version. Make sure you have the correct one in your local settings file.