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The Energy Transition Model (ETM) is an open-source, interactive tool for energy modelling developed by Quintel. While other models focus on one or several parts of the energy system, the ETM allows you to build and explore scenarios for the entire energy system of your country, region or city. Years of data collection and updating make sure your scenarios generate fact-based conclusions creating important insights into the future of your energy system. In this way the ETM supports a successful energy transition!

The ETM interface

The ETM documentation is created to aid (new) users and contributors to understand and use the ETM. You can find the following topics within this documentation:

1. User Manual

Shows you how to use the ETM.

2. Detailed Information

Provides a more detailed explanation of different tools and topics within the ETM.

3. Data Sources

An overview of all data used within the ETM accompanied by their respective sources.

4. Modelling Principles

An insight into the exact modelling principles behind the ETM.

5. Scenario-tools

If you are interested in communicating with the ETM without using the web-interface, then you can visit this page to see if you can use any of the Pyton tools in this collection.

6. For Contributors

If you are contributing or would like to contribute to the development of the ETM, this page will grant you a short overview of the different possibilities for contributing.

7. API Reference

Interested in exchanging data with the ETM? Here you can find the API references and documentation.

8. External Models

The ETM can be combined with various external models. Here you can find a description of how these combinations work.