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Developing your scenario

The steps on this page can guide you in creating a sound scenario within the ETM:

1. Scenario Goal

Create a goal before starting a scenario to establish a focus point. What do you want to research or achieve? Do you want to save energy, produce renewably or focus on decreasing emissions? Keep an eye on the dashboard during the development of your scenario to see if you have achieved your goal.

2. Manipulate future demand and supply

The menu displays all sectors that either use (demand) or produce energy (supply). In the demand section you can start by adjusting the sliders to match what you think will be the future demand of your region. In the supply section you can manipulate the demand by again adjusting the sliders.

3. Optional: Flexibility and Costs

Advanced users can use the Flexibility section to match demand and supply. This section is added as renewable electricity production is often volatile and topics, such as storage, become important. The Costs section can be adjusted to match future cost assumptions. At the moment the ETM considers future costs to be similar to present costs. You can change this in the cost section if you want to include estimations on how costs will change.

4. Feedback and Results

The dashboard gives instant feedback considering the changes you made. To view a more extensive report regarding the changes you have made you can go to the results section and take a look at the scenario report.

5. Saving, exporting and sharing your scenario

If you want to further develop your scenario another time you can click on the ‘save scenario’ button in the scenario toolbar. If you are done creating your scenario you can share it with others and download your scenario report or use the visuals and data in the results section.

Note: The ETM is updated periodically. Save your scenario to ensure that outcomes stay stable over time! To do this you have to create a (free) account or sign in.