Advanced: Costs of imported electricity


When a country or region has a (temporal) higher electricity demand than production electricity needs to be imported from neighbouring countries or regions.

Default settings

By default, the ETM takes into account a single, fixed price for imported electricity that remains stable throughout the year. Users can change this price with a slider in the Costs section. Alternatively, users may upload a price curve which defines the cost of imports for each hour in a typical year.

Uploaded price curves

If you choose to upload a file the "Costs of imported electricity" slider will be disabled and no longer has any effect on your scenario. You may click "Revert to default curve" at any time to remove the uploaded curve and re-enable the slider.

Your file should be formatted as a CSV file with 8,760 numeric values – representing the hourly price in euros and cents per MWh (€/MWh) – with each value on a separate line. For example:


Before uploading, please ensure the file has a ".csv" file extension then visit the "Costs of imported electricity" page and click "Upload a custom curve". The price in each hour will be rounded to the nearest whole cent.