Industrial residual heat

There is a lot of heat available in industry that currently goes to waste. Using this residual heat as a source for heat networks could be an interesting way to reduce emissions. In the ETM you can re-use residual heat from the sectors below:

  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Fertilizer industry
  • ICT

The above sectors are chosen because of their high residual heat potential compared to other sectors and/or because these sectors are similarly modelled in the ETM.

You can choose which part of available heat you want to re-use in heat networks in the Supply > 'District Heating' section within the ETM.

Determining available residual heat#

Chemical industry, refineries and fertilizer industry#

The available residual heat from chemical industry, refineries and fertilizer industry is determined for each region based on the report Potentiëlen, besparing, alternatieven (ECN, 2011). In this report for different sectors the residual heat availability is depicted.


Several types of residual heat are distinguished in the report. Only two types are modelled within the ETM: heat from flue gasses and heat from processes.


The potential of residual heat from data-centers is calculated with the same method that Berenschot used determining the residual heat potential of Dutch data-centers.

Modelling principals#

Residual heat in the ETM originates from the useful demand nodes. The demand of the 'useful demand' nodes for each industry sub sector gives a good approximation of the available residual heat that currently goes 'unused'. This useful demand may change in the future, depending on you choices in a scenario regarding industry size, efficiencies etc. Based on the reports above the potential shares of residual heat was determined (the calculation can be found here)

Chemical industryRefineriesFertilizer industryICT
% of heat demand% of heat demand% of heat demand% of electricity demand
Residual heat from flue gasses11%18%3%
Residual heat from processes16%29%4%
Residual heat from servers77%
Heat that cannot be recovered73%53%94%23%